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Cozy Up With Organic Cotton

by Kelly Forrest
Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Sleep is important. It restores your energy and rejuvenates you for the day to come. Adequate sleep is an essential part of overall health and wellness. Proper sleeping habits can even lower stress, sharpen attention and spur creativity. That being said, your sleeping environment should be held in high regards. Take time to research and know what materials you’re sleeping on every night, from the mattress down to the sheets, comforter and pillows. After all, you do spend a good amount of time in bed!

One company that truly recognizes the importance of sleep and combining luxury products with eco-conscious and socially responsible manufacturing is Coyuchi. Their name comes from the Oaxacan word for naturally colored brown cotton, a product that they first brought to the United States over 20 years ago with their 100 percent certified-organic cotton bedding.

Today, they have expanded beyond bedding and now produce towels, linens, rugs, throws and more- all made with organic cotton. The company partners with cotton farmers in Turkey and India, creating thousands of jobs and a sense of economic community. The company strives to support collectives of family farms whenever possible.

All of the cotton used in production conforms to USDA organic certification, which means that it is entirely free of hazardous pesticides and fertilizers, a very appealing fact-especially for families with children.

That is why Coyuchi bedding, towels, and rugs can be found all throughout the Rocky River Green Home. The brand has been a long time favorite of Organic Spa Magazine Founder and Publisher Bev Maloney-Fischback so it only made sense this would be her first choice for the RRGH. “My whole family just loves their towels, and they wash and dry so easily too…” said Maloney-Fischback. Each room has a unique and distinct feel thanks to the wide array of colors and textures that Coyuchi uses to make sure their bedding has a personalized feel.

A cool, serene blue cotton spread with a reversible wave textured quilt adorns one of the boys rooms. The quilt is a great addition to any home, and is the perfect weight for layering all year round.  The 100 percent organic cotton Triple Diamond rug is a gorgeous addition that ties the whole room together.


Organic Cotton Bedding and Rug


Not only is Coyuchi’s USDA certified organic cotton free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, it is beneficial to the earth. Conventional cotton uses more pesticides than any crop on earth — and more of the most toxic kinds. So the next time you go to purchase new bedding, towels or rugs, consider the benefits of buying products made from organic cotton. Not only is it mindful to the environment, organic cotton products are comfortable and luxurious.

To read more about the importance and reasoning behind choosing organic cotton products, read our blog “Why Organic Cotton?

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