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Clean Beauty: The Best in Unisex

by Karim Orange

Many of us who switch to clean personal-care products, would like the men in our lives to do the same. Sometimes it’s actually the reverse (men to women). I once had a man write to me who changed his diet to organic. He did not want to kiss his girlfriend until she switched to organic lip products, and he needed some suggestions for her. When I personally tried to switch my husband to clean personal-care products, I found him rubbing my $65 Dr. Hauschka facial moisturizer on his feet. At that moment, I really wanted him to switch back to Vaseline.

Things have come a long way and there are a lot of great products that I like to refer as the as "the best in unisex." This label refers to an umbrella of products with unisex-friendly trendy ingredients such as charcoal, coffee, beer and others.

Here are a some great routines and products and that you and your guy can experience together.

Let’s start by washing each other's hair with the Beer Shampoo Bar by BRÖÖ (the name itself is super male-friendly). The barley in beer is loaded with B vitamins and protein, which makes your hair shine.

Next try masking together. The Charcoal Mask by Yesto is a big hit for men and women. The mask itself is a sheet of black paper with cut outs, and it also only takes 10 minutes to apply. While the mask is still on, it’s time to exfoliate your body. Try the Bamboo Charcoal Body Scrub by Shea Moisture. The entire Bamboo Charcoal Collection is a great unisex a staple for the both of you. If coffee is your thing, the Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub Nyakio is for you!

Apply the new Unplug Aromatherapy Lotion by BRÖO--a mix of barley with essential oils in geranium, ylang ylang and bergamot--to the body. Follow up with a foot rub. The Peppermint Foot Rub by Moon Valley is divine. It uses organic arnica, lavender and mint to soothe, aching feet.

Great skin on both men and women is a reflection of what is happening inside the body. Sometimes wrinkles, bumps and moles reflect internal imbalance. Facial reflexology is a great way to balance the organs via the face. The facial tool by Chan'beauté puts this in the palm of your hand. They even have an instructional app that will help understand the acupressure points in the face, and how to use the tool. In under five minutes a day, you can balance your entire system. It's also fun to do it on each other.

I would love to hear about some of your favorite clean unisex products. Let’s start a conversation. Follow me on Twitter and hashtag #bestinunisex #organicspamag

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