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Making the Switch to Fall

by Danielle Miracle

The end of August is always a bittersweet time, no matter how old you are. As a kid, it means going back to school and homework; as an adult, it means that summer is over, and that daylight hours will dwindle as winter draws near. Either way, it’s easy to feel down when summer draws to a close. But there’s no need! Whether you’re going back to school or wrapping up your vacation time, fall has an appeal all its own. (And be honest: Isn’t it nice when the weather gets a little bit cooler?)

At Organic Spa Magazine, we love all the seasons — and we’re experts when it comes to making the most of them. Autumn won’t last forever, but while it’s here, try one of our favorite seasonal spirit-raisers, and you might find yourself having a good time after all.

1. Catch up with old friends

You know that old friend you always run into at the grocery store, and you know how you always say that you need to catch up sometime — and mean it — but somehow it never actually happens? Autumn is your chance to reconnect with those friends. Instead of just talking about making plans, actually make them! Take advantage of fall’s beautiful weather to go for a walk, share a meal on a patio or porch, or just stay inside and chat up a storm.

2. Go hiking

In winter, all you want to do is stay inside, where it’s warm, and in summer, you don’t want to go anywhere that isn’t air-conditioned. But what’s your excuse in autumn? As the leaves begin to change and the weather cools down, set aside a day to go visit your favorite park and spend some time with Mother Nature. Whether you prefer a casual stroll or a serious hike, you’ll get fresh air and exercise — good for both body and spirit.

3. Get a facial

Whether you’re a regular at the spa or you consider facials to be a twice-a-year treat, the changing of the seasons is a perfect time to indulge. It’s the best time to exfoliate dry skin, try new products, and change over to a regimen that’s a little bit more moisturizing before winter dryness sets in for real.

4. Read that book you've been putting off

We all have a book or two that we’ve been thinking of reading for months, but never get around to it. Autumn is the perfect time to complete your reading list. Check out some of our editor-in-chief Rona Berg's recommendations. You may notice that a lot of her recent favorites are cookbooks. That’s something else you can do in fall — try out new recipes and use all the gorgeous fall produce coming in to markets soon.

5. Check out that new restaurant you've been dying to try

Treat yourself and go to that little restaurant you’ve had your eye on for weeks. Trying out new places to eat can be more fun than you think — and bring that friend you’ve been meaning to hang out with, or a book!

6. Learn something new

Step outside your comfort zone and learn a new skill! Why not take a piano class, try yoga, or learn how to paint? When it gets cold outside, you’ll have a new hobby to occupy your time indoors and prevent cabin fever. Autumn is the perfect time to learn how to knit, for example, or to pursue a passion for baking.

7. Commit to a workout

It’s easy to ignore your body’s needs when it’s hot out and the last thing you want to do is sweat more. When autumn rolls around, that’s the perfect time to build a new routine that centers wellness. Join a local gym or find an indoor pool — get into the habit of treating your body well so that it won’t be so hard to maintain later in the winter. Just because the year is winding down doesn’t mean you have to!

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