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by Mary Tjotjos

Christina Dorr Drake, Willa's Kitchen

Christina is the CEO and Co-Founder of Willa's Oat Milk. Willa's uses the entire organic whole grain oat, offering the most protein and fiber and the least amount of sugar of any oat milk on the market. It's also the most sustainable, using organic ingredients and no food waste in its process. Prior to co-founding Willa's, Christina spent 15+ years working in marketing strategy, most recently as a Strategy Director at Anomaly, leading the Panera business and their Clean Food campaign, which announced they had cleaned up their menu of all artificial ingredients and preservatives. This experience taught her about Big Food first-hand and inspired her to join forces with her sister, Elena, to create a plant based food company focused on producing the type of products they would want to eat, starting with their Grandmother Willa's oat milk recipe.