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Celebrate World Vegan Day with SmartBARK

by Organic Spa Magazine

There is a lot to love about SmartBARK. It’s USDA-certified organic (no GMOs), vegan, made with Fair Trade-certified ingredients and soy-free. It comes in four flavors—almond, trail mix, quinoa and dried cranberry—and believe me, you will have a tough time deciding which one is your favorite. SmartBARK is hand-crafted in a small studio in Lakewood, Ohio, where Ines Rehner, master chocolatier, brought her skills from the former Yugoslavia, which is now Croatia.

But most important, it is incredibly delicious and highly addictive, so beware: Once you start snacking on SmartBARK, it will become a recurring habit. But here’s the good news—a little goes a long way. Just pull one or two pieces from the resealable pouch and you’ll find that’s enough. It is tremendously satisfying and hey: We all know that almonds, trail mix, quinoa and dried cranberries are good for us—and dark chocolate, too. So, go ahead. Enjoy! smartbarkorganic.com

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