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Celebrate Hemp History Week 2015

by Organic Spa Magazine

As Hemp History Week draws awareness to this age-old cash-crop, celebrate with a few of our favorite hemp products

hemp field for mailchiimp image

Field of hemp. Photo credit: Vote Hemp

With all the attention being heaped on hemp these days, it’s nice to know the weed—er, plant—is getting formal recognition this week, with the official designation of Hemp History Week, intended to raise awareness about how hemp is so good for our health and great for the environment.6th Annual Logo_Date&URL
Hemp is a nutritious food, sustainable building material and soft, sturdy fiber for clothing. It was grown back in the day, by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and the Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.
Hemp seed (totally distinct from the drug, Cannabis) is natural, healthy, high in omega essential fatty acids, vitamin E. It is gluten-free and three tablespoons, sprinkled over yogurt, cereal, smoothies and snacks, will provide 11 grams of protein, along with a nice, nutty, crunchy flavor. Here are a few of our favorite healthy hemp snacks.
Himalania Dark Chocolate Hemp Seeds Sustainably grown in Canada, these Non-GMO Project verified treats—toasted hemp seeds covered in delicious dark chocolate—are a healthy indulgence. Sprinkle over frozen yogurt, bake into chocolate chip cookies, there are endless ways to enjoy these treats, loaded with fiber, magnesium, copper and protein. natierra.com
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts One of my favorites with breakfast, these raw shelled hemp seeds are nutritious and delicious, and packed with omegas 3 and 6, along with iron, magnesium, protein and fiber. manitobaharvest.com
Nutiva Hemp Protein This USDA-certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified superfood is loaded with nutrients, and great in a smoothie or shake. You can find yummy recipes at nutiva.com
Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Milk Creamy, and a great source of calcium, vitamins, amino acids and omegas, you will wonder what you did before you discovered hemp milk! livingharvest.com


Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Pure Castile Soap This castile soap—in peppermint and almond—is extremely gentle, effective, multipurpose and extremely affordable. A household mainstay! drbronner.com

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