Cakebread’s Bountiful Gardens

By Organic Spa Magazine / November 5, 2011

“The 1970s was a time of canning,” says Dolores Cakebread, who bought a 22-acre winery in Rutherford, California, with her husband, Jack, in 1973. Dolores and Jack have catapulted Cakebread Cellars into one of Napa Valley’s most esteemed wineries, and their 3/4-acre vegetable plot teems with stubby artichoke plants, Japanese eggplants and Armenian peppers. Winery guests are treated to homegrown tomatoes, herbs and asparagus freshly plucked from Dolores’s organic garden, grown using nutrient-rich mango mulch.

The Cakebreads are passionate about eating locally. Since 1986, Cakebread Cellars has hosted the American Harvest Workshop, a “summer camp” where five chefs create collaborative dinners, meet local purveyors and foster a deeper sense of appreciation for American food and wine. “The Cakebread Cellars American Harvest Cookbook: Celebrating Wine, Food and Friends in the Napa Valley” (Ten Speed Press) marks the workshop’s 25th anniversary with seasonal recipes from chefs who have participated over the years.