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by Mary Tjotjos

BELGIN AKSOY, Global Wellness Day

Belgin Aksoy received her degree from Institute Hotelier Cesar Ritz in Switzerland. She has been in the tourism and hotel industry for 25 years. Her mission is to create a physically, mentally and spiritually better world for years to come. With 16 years in the wellness industry, Belgin Aksoy is the founder of Global Wellness Day. With the slogan "One day, can change your whole life!" GWD is celebrated across the globe in thousands of locations with complimentary activities on the second Saturday of June every year. In 2016, the Global Wellness Summit honored her with the "Leading Woman in Wellness" award. In 2019, Belgin Aksoy was selected as the first non-French person to receive the “Personality of the Year” award by La Fédération des Professionnels du Bien-ētre. www.globalwellnessday.org