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by Mary Tjotjos

Barry Cik, Naturepedic 

Barry A. Cik is the founder and Technical Director of Naturepedic. His devotion to the organic industry is the natural result of his lifelong interest in best preserving the environment not only for us, but for all future generations as well. As a professionally trained environmental engineer, Barry combines his authentic passion for improving our quality of life with the technical knowledge to do so.
His educational background in environmental engineering led Barry to chart his own successful entrepreneurial course for many years. When shopping for his first grandchild's crib mattress, he was horrified to discover firsthand the state of the baby mattress industry. From that moment Barry was inspired and determined to create mattress products not only in the best interest of his grandchild, but also for environmentally-minded parents to use for their children. Working in tandem with his sons, Barry established Naturepedic in 2003.