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Barefoot Chic

by Sandra Ramani


Petit St. Vincent isn’t easy to get to, but it’s well worth the trip.


It takes some effort to get to Petit St. Vincent. Located in the Grenadines, an island chain in the southernmost part of the Caribbean, the 115-acre private island is accessed by a near full day of travel that includes at least two flights (depending on where you are coming from), followed by a boat ride to the island’s dock. Once at the 22-villa, barefoot-chic resort, however, all that travel stress melts away—which is why guests have been coming here for years, and why they tend to stay put for a while once they arrive.

There are no TVs, phones or Wi-Fi in the rooms, so you can fill your days with activities like playing tennis, sailing to world-class snorkeling and diving sites, working out on outdoor gym stations scattered along a hillside, or just wandering the island in search of your own perfect strip of white sand. Or, head to the Hilltop Spa for views of the lush foliage and the aquamarine sea, and treatments that pay tribute to the destination. Get scrubbed with ginger, rice or cinnamon powder, soothed with aloe vera extract, and massaged with coconut oil and techniques that mimic the synchronized rhythm of the ocean waves—which you can faintly hear in the background from way up in the treehouse-inspired sanctuary.


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