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Back to Eden

by Sandra Ramani

This year, a Roman classic was reborn. Opened in 1889 in the central Ludovisi neighborhood, the Hotel Eden immediately set itself apart by offering then state-of-the-art touches like electricity, elevators and indoor plumbing. Now a part of the Dorchester Collection, the icon underwent a two-year renovation that honors the historic roots, while also catering to contemporary guests. Case in point: the elegant new spa, where vaulted ceilings pay homage to classic Roman architecture, and the three spacious therapy suites are as cushy as they come.

Los Angeles-based celebrity aesthetician Sonya Dakar chose Hotel Eden for her first European partnership and created exclusive treatments for the spa, including a back, face and scalp “facial” with targeted skincare products; many services also incorporate products from Dakar’s Organic Omega range, while the signature Sonya Dakar massage is performed with hydrating hoya flower essential oil.

And wellness is not just relegated to the spa. Under the direction of Michelin-starred Executive Chef Fabio Ciervo—who has extensively studied nutrition—the restaurants put healthful twists on Italian classics. Vegetables are pressure-cooked to retain their benefits, risotto is made with lighter ingredients, the pizza dough is full of grains, fiber and natural yeast (to help better digest sugars), and the Roman favorite pasta cacio e pepe is spiced with anti-inflammatory turmeric. dorchestercollection.com

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