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Artisanal Jewelry

by Amanda Wright

Image: Chatter by Hammer 

Uniquely crafted and handmade

Jewelry that is handmade, with love, by an artisan, is a great gift for Valentine’s Day--or any other day. What makes these pieces and their creators so special? Their commitment to creating beauty without sacrificing a passion to make something that is sustainable and one-of-a-kind.

Lost & Forged
Leilani Silver Whole Spoon Ring ; $40 
Lost & Forged, founded by silversmith Douglas Heifetz, offers unique silver creations, handmade from reclaimed vintage materials, especially silver flatware. Founder of the small business in Silver Spring, Maryland, Douglas found his niche in vintage materials, drawing inspiration from sterling silver, solid silver alloys, silver plated and gold plated products.

Creations by Kristel
14K Hammered Chain Necklace ; $39
Owner and full-time artist, Kristel makes each piece by hand. Drawing inspiration from a Buddhist background, she uses her work to encourage positive thinking and a calm life balance. Each piece is crafted from locally selected gemstones, healing crystals, gold-filled and sterling silver materials.

Starletta Designs
Sterling Turquoise & Citrine Necklace ; $75
Starletta Designs’ owner and founder, Tara Reid, is based in Ontario, Canada. Her bold designs are all handmade with sterling silver or 14k gold-filled. The Turquoise and Citrine piece features a gorgeous polished and raw shaded citrine gemstone pendant that has been wrapped in sterling silver wire and hangs from a row of Arizona turquoise and citrine stones. It's finished with sterling silver cable chain and spring clasp closure.

Erin Pelicano Jewelry
Sterling Silver Three Piece Necklace ; $140
Packaged in a classic black gift box with a beautiful message, the Better Together set is an homage to its namesake: Everything is better when you do it together! The set is created by artisan Erin Pelicano, whose collections are designed and handcrafted to celebrate life and love connections. Erin’s pieces are inspired by the deep need to cherish those connections and draws from the experiences of her own life.

Ao Designs
Silver "Rooted" Pendant ; $37
Designer and owner of AO Designs, Angela Owen, specializes in unique, personalized hand-stamped jewelry, pet identification tags and one-of-a-kind fine silver pendants. Her belief is that everyone should have a piece of jewelry that is special, a show of individuality. The “Rooted” pendant is made from precious metal clay, which is made up of fine particles of silver, water and an organic binder. Sustainable and finely made, this is a piece to cherish.

Serafina Fae
Turquoise Howlite Hoops ; $50
Serafina Fae is a place of healing, created and owned by Sandra Cooze. Each piece is a unique spiritual, healing and chakra-charged work of art. They inspire serene healing energy and are handcrafted. For a Valentine’s Day gift, Serafina Fae’s turquoise Howlite hoops feature Swarovski crystals for the perfect sparkle to any look.

Nadean Designs
Opal Bar Necklace ; $68
Nadean Designs creates Boho luxe jewelry for everyday wear inspired by science, nature, and organic forms and processes. These handmade pieces are created in Tucson using a variety of techniques including forging, wire wrapping, knotting and stone setting and feature rare unique and unusual Ethiopian opals.

The Azure Rose
Yoga "Breathe" Pendant ; $54
The Azure Rose is a one-woman business run by Genevieve Meehan. Her vision focuses on hand-stamped, personalized jewelry and key chains. Her materials include the use of sterling silver, stainless steel, gold-filled and rose-gold filled pieces. To create her signature sterling silver Yoga necklace, she engraved the mantra “breathe” in flowing script accented with a yellow gold lotus charm. Wear it as an everyday inspiration to feel calm and peaceful.

Hope Anchored Designs
Gold Bar & Diamond Necklace ; $95
Luxury jewelry handcrafted in Raleigh, North Carolina, a combination of superior materials and quality craftsmanship with a modern twist. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Layer this hammered gold bar necklace, complete with two raw diamonds, for a casual day look or with your little black dress for a night out.

Cindy Liebel Jewelry
Bronze & Silver Arrowhead Hoops ; $75
Cindy Liebel designs are a blend of bohemian flare and modern artistry. She creates her pieces carefully using sustainable and raw materials. Her pieces draw inspiration from nature and geometric shapes. Eco-chic and fiercely unconventional, her pieces are a great addition to any working wardrobe. Make a standout statement in any special outfit with this Bohemian twist on a classic hoop.

Chatter by Hammer
BoHo Wrap Ring ; $25
Created with favorite materials like leather and copper, and crafted by Kelly Ringer, the copper ring is a unique Valentine’s Day gift. This bohemian, wrap-style ring is etched and delicately hand-painted in Ringer's home studio. Personalize this piece with the name of a loved one.

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