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Made for Movement

by Celia Shatzman

About ten years ago, Robyn Berkley was earning her yoga certification and couldn’t find anything she wanted to wear that felt feminine, non-branded and could blend into her New York City lifestyle. So she cofounded Live the Process, an athletic and leisure wear line. “It was really about the lifestyle and wanting to have clothing that I could wear all day, every day, with items that were simple and streamlined with functionality that I could layer,” she says.

Aptly named, the philosophy of Live the Process is in its moniker. “It’s about the journey and evolution that we are all creating,” Berkley says. “It’s a personal relationship you have with yourself. It’s all part of the process. Live the Process comes from the meaning of vinyasa flow yoga. It’s the process of linking breath and movement, which is life.”

Everything about Live the Process is eco-conscious, from ideation to production to sustainable fabrications. That’s why the line is made in America. “I felt that it was important to give back to where you lived and came from, oversee your supply chain and work close to our partners,” Berkley says. “We have had the same team since we started and they are invested in the brand as much as we are.”

Berkley looks to dance, architecture and life to find design inspiration for the soft yet strong, feminine aesthetic of Live the Process. “Live the Process is about manifesting a dream and working really hard and fine tuning and making it better and bringing it to life,” Berkley says. “It’s a labor of love that started out as a passion project and has evolved into something I am proud of. It represents my ideals: timeless, empowering, meditative, beautiful, inspiring, ambitious and charitable. We are a brand built on positivity and constantly trying to evolve and make ourselves better. It’s more of a way of life and how we live than just clothing.”

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