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Our health immersions provide deep rest and lasting rejuvenation through the timeless, natural methods of Ayurveda, “the Science of Life.” Each begins with a one-on-one consultation with an Ayurvedic expert, followed by a 4–10 day personalized therapeutic program.

The art and science of Ayurveda harnesses the natural intelligence of the body to bring people into harmony. Effective for centuries, this sister science of yoga is increasing in popularity due to its effectiveness and core wisdom. We are proud to specialize in an array of traditional Ayurvedic offerings through the Shankara Spa.

Programs include:

• Personal Expert Consultations

• Individualized set of treatments

• Organic meals designed to support your cleanse

• Comfortable accommodations at the Ayurveda Spa

• Dining with breathtaking views of the mountains

• Access to all spa facilities, including steam rooms and relaxation rooms

The Pure Cleanse: Virechana

Lasting Energy With Inner Harmony

Virechana is a gentle, thorough cleanse rooted in Ayurveda. Featuring the signature emphasis on one-on-one consultations and personalized treatment that marks our Ayurvedic cleanses, it involves a classic balance of rest and therapies. As part of the cleanse, you receive a specialized diet and a set of therapies that evolves over the treatment and culminates in deep cleansing. The whole process is designed to gradually invite you into the cleansing process, support you throughout and gradually lead you out, for maximum benefit. Throughout, plenty of time is kept aside for rest in the tranquil setting of the mountains. Virechana is available by individual appointment year-round.

Panchakarma Cleanse Retreat:

Restoration from the Inside Out

The Panchakarma Cleanse Retreat draws from the Ayurvedic tradition of cleansing to restore harmony to body and mind. The program starts with a one-on-one consultation with an Ayurvedic expert. Based on your goals and condition, a personal treatment plan of 6-8 days is developed with 10 or more specialty therapies and balanced food. You receive additional support from the group environment and evening programs and Q & As with an Ayurvedic specialist. This system helps you revitalize so that regardless of how you’ve been feeling, you can quickly bounce back to balance with a cleanse that is so powerful that it has recommended as the seasonal cleanse for year-round health for ages.

Dates (8-day cleanse) :

April 23–May 1  

May 14–22  

June 11–19

July 9–17

Aug 13–21 

Sept 10–18  

Oct 8–16  

Nov 12–20

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