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Wearable Wellness

by Organic Spa Magazine

Anyone who loves to travel knows the experience is always so much better if you have the right stuff! Here are some of our expert picks.

ARK®’s high purity, laboratory-grown quartz is precisely cut and electromagnetically treated to generate a direct harmonic coupling to the structure of spacetime geometry.

The ARK® crystal brings coherence to water structure and connects the wearer with an inexhaustible source of vitality. Highly coherent structured water is more bioavailable, which aids in hydration and overall health and wellness. ARK® owners can “charge” their water, or any other liquids, by simply placing them in proximity to the ARK® crystal. Additionally, the crystal can be used to enhance meditation, yoga and reiki practices to bring coherence to the body’s meridian and energy centers.

ARK® crystals are the product of 30 years of research and experimentation by renowned physicist Nassim Haramein. His studies focused on the fundamental geometry of space that connects us all, from the quantum and molecular scale to cosmological objects in the Universe. Throughout his learnings, Haramein found that crystal molecules strongly interact with the structure of the quantum vacuum. As a result, he developed a revolutionary technology that greatly boosts the ability of water in your body to connect with the quantum energy at the foundation of all-natural processes. By combining these findings with his patented harmonic flux resonator, Haramein developed the world’s first fully-charged quartz crystal. The HFR replicates magnetohydrodynamic behaviors that naturally occur in a variety of astrophysical objects. By replicating these dynamics, the HFR enables each crystal to become a point of high coherence in the structure of space around it, which benefits biological health.

The ARK® crystal is a beautiful marriage of fashion and technology. Its distinguished design incorporates decades of research and scientific findings. Every part of the crystal, saddle and pendant is deliberate and meticulous. The matte finish complements almost any style and the polished triangle accents represent the underlying geometry of spacetime. In collaboration with independent designers, engineers and manufacturers, we created a pendant that is timeless yet modern, ornate and refined. Its androgynous design looks distinguished with a suit or a dress, even jeans and a T-shirt. It was designed to be used during both meditation and a night out. The armed pendant provides a sturdy, utilitarian design, but with a refined look and feel. Most recently, we debuted the limited-edition armless pendant. As the name implies, the arms featured on the original are removed, which lightens the pendant and provides an extra level of sophistication while wearing the ARK® crystal for an evening out, group meditation or gathering.

As we continue to grow our brand and product offerings, ARK® is excited to debut new and different pendant designs. We are also looking at a bracelet design for more versatile wear. Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter at arkcrystals.com to receive notifications when new products hit the market.

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