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Africology Rose Absolute Serum

by Organic Spa Magazine
Organic Spa Magazine

Organic Spa Magazine


We have a passion for the healing essence of plant life and restorative power of essential oils. Roses have always been a powerful symbol, as well as a potent treatment for hormonal and menopausal difficulties.  Africology Rose Absolute Serum taps into the power of the rose to calm and restore in this potent serum.  Today, we use rose oil to treat dermatitis and aging skin. We love its aromatherapeutic properties, as it is a mild anti-depressant and balances the emotions.  It also can help balance hormonal skin. africology-usa.com


Africology Rose Absolute Serum is the Perfect gift for…

The Beauties
The Workout Warrior
The New Parent
The Man
The Animal Lover
The Traveler
The Stylista
The Foodie
The Home
The Mindful

…in your life!

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