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Adding “Green” to the Kitchen

by Organic Spa Magazine

“The taste of the kitchen is better than the smell.” – Thomas Fuller

A kitchen is the heart of a home. A home’s kitchen represents connecting with family over meals or gathering with friends. It’s where smells and tastes are born which stick with a person throughout their life. Creating memories in a kitchen can be as effortless as making toast but creating the kitchen those memories are born in is a where it all begins.

The first and most important step is the design. Having the ability to incorporate green building elements while maintaining an even flow and energy within the kitchen can be a tall order. To remain as green as possible while achieving a positive chi to a dream kitchen, the right designer is key. The Rocky River Green Home found the right designer in Cleveland’s Hall Design Group and owner, David Hall. Interior designer David Hall has specialized in creating elegant kitchens for over 27 years, impressing peers and clients alike.

Hall’s previous work caught the eye of the RRGH crew and his eco-minded approach to designing is what really stood out. Being a long-time Yogi, Hall instills balance and life into soul of the home without compromising character. While it’s virtually impossible to make a kitchen 100% green and include all of the modern conveniences, David Hall worked with the homeowners and the Krill team to reach the perfect blend of green and grand.

We’ll be spending the next few weeks looking at the specific green elements of the Rocky River Green Home kitchen. Here are some of the elements that define the RRGH’s modern, green kitchen:

–      Quartz countertops (instead of other traditional counter top materials)

–      5 Star Energy star-rated appliances

–      Eco friendly plumbing fixtures

–      Grey water system for Dishwasher water

–      Whole house water purification system

–      Bamboo flooring

–      Recycled or FSC wood cabinets

–      Repurposing the existing cabinets for new kitchen table

–      Built in Recycling bins

–      Energy monitoring system for appliances and electrical outlets.



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