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A Tree of Wellness

by Amanda Wright

It’s true that we love our plants and spices, especially when we are enriching our bodies with all natural supplements. We know what we like in our home remedies and beauty regimens, so it’s no surprise to us that a superfood like Mooring Olefeira has captured our attention.

Native to the Himalayas, this plant has made its way from Africa to Central America. The great thing about this plant is its limitless use from the roots to its leaves.


Fighting off those colds and flu-like symptoms take plenty of Vitamin C, which we try to find in our every day nutrition. Here’s a little known fact about our superfood:


100 g of fresh drumstick pods and leaves contain 235% of daily-required levels of vitamin C.

Did you know that fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C help develop the bodies immunity towards infectious agents? Moringa has all that plus more. Our hero! A little green plant with a green thumb for healthy living. You know what they say: One pressed seed a day keeps the Doctor away.


Let’s face facts. Beauty is a world of conscientious choices that aren’t just eco-friendly, but also skin-friendly. We don’t just want the best, we need it to nourish and glow. Moringa has an impressive line up of minerals at work, Zinc especially which plays a vital role in hair-growth and skin maintenance, as well as skin integrity.


Packed to the root with Vitamin A, moringa is low in calories and sodium. It’s a perfect dietary supplement for a healthy adjustment in your routine breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The leaves alone pack a blast of minerals like calcium and iron.

Instead of a spinach and egg-white omelet, make it a protein power breakfast with a helping of moringa.


100 g of fresh raw leaves carry 9.8 g of protein, which is about 17.5% of daily required levels.

Not to mention that moringa leaves, in a dry or powdered state, are a concentrated source of multiple amino acids the body needs.

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