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21st Century Wellness

by Organic Spa Magazine

At the new Naturopathica outpost in Chelsea, stressed-out New Yorkers can finally find the healing they need

Barely open for a month, the Naturopathica Chelsea Healing Arts Center is already a healing mecca for stressed-out New Yorkers. The sleek Vitality Bar offers detoxing herbal tonics, elixirs and teas, with cold-pressed juices and kombucha on tap. Like a European herbal apothecary, a Remedy Bar dispenses custom-blended remedies (for allergies, menstrual cramps, headaches) from a range of therapeutic botanicals and targeted tinctures.

“The concept is 21st century wellness,” says Barbara Close, master herbalist and founder of Naturopathica. “The most important time is in-between visits to the doctor.” From meditation to massage, bath blends to immune-boosters, Close’s concept—with a spa in the back—brings together all the self-care cures you’ll need to detox, reboot and bounce back to your best self.

Just sink into comfy chairs in the Sensory and Meditation Lounge, breathe in a relaxing aromatherapy blend and watch a meditative image of a mountaintop in Burma float by. You’ll want to come back for more. naturopathica.com

—Rona Berg

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