2017 Holiday Gift Guide: The Man

It isn't always easy to find the perfect gift for your guy, brother father, grand-dad, etc. But these special selections are sure to please! 

All in the Details

What happens when you take the wind-resistance of heavy-duty organic cotton and combine it with the insulating capability of 60- gram polyfill? You get the perfect short coat to wear during the cold months.

Steady Hands

The mainstay of Biergartens and of low-tech—but very entertaining— party games gets reimagined in 100 percent recycled fishing nets.

Great Mornings

This coffee set includes beans from the Guji subregion of Ethiopia, Sumatra in Indonesia and the Chiapas region of Mexico.

One Size Fits All

This quick-absorbing face oil does the work of three grooming products and a small drop goes a long way; it moisturizes, helps fade scars and speeds up cell re- generation.

Warm by the Chimney

Let this be the year when you do away with ugly Christmas sweaters. This recycled poly-knit sweater has a brushed interior for a fit so soft, you’ll want to wear it whenever possible.

Water-Born Kicks

Parley for the Oceans, a group for the preservation and the care of the earth’s oceans, collaborated with Adidas on the creation of this cold-weather shoe made from recycled plastic. There’s no need to worry about getting these boat shoes wet; the midsole drains wa- ter quickly.

Let the Festivities Begin

Place a few of these organic pâtés on a wooden serving board, along with organic toasts, pickled cucumbers and jam, for a delight- ful one-minute spread the next time you’re entertaining.

Through the Years

These exclusively handmade slippers are made by third-generation artisans at the Athani Village in India, using a vegetable-based solution to tan the water buffalo hides. They may feel snug at first, but the form adjusts to your feet almost immediately.

Leather Redux

This rugged reLoved Leather Brown Cuff with copper rivet cuff is perfect for cowboys and urban dwellers alike. Hand-crafted and made from recycled and vintage leather, pieces are also popular with women, who may be inspired to steal it from their men.

Outdoor Commuting

This e-bike boasts of wider tires and a German-built Brose mid-motor drive system, suited for dealing with the street hazards of commuting in the city. (Minus rude pedestrians.)

Flexible Basics

This pique-knit polo is made from NuYarn merino wool, a sustain- able fabric. It also dries quickly, which means you can go from a last-minute client meeting to your company’s holiday party by switch- ing out your blazer for a motorcy- cle jacket.

Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Healing for Men

The best-selling author and renowned herbalist features an
A to Z book of herbal remedies targeting men’s health issues, from heart health to sexual vitality, along with the top 29 go-to herbs for men and their benefits.

Room for More

Squeeze in a packable duffel to your luggage before you check in at the airport. You never know when you’ll need another bag to stash all of the exotic finds you'll come across during your travels.

For Modern-Day Rebels

These Fair Trade-certified capped toe boots go with jeans, trousers or even a suit. Handmade in Ethiopia, where the company has supported workers rights since 2009.

Gifts that Keep Giving

Tattoo You

Inspired by Polynesian tattoo art, these uniquely handsome leather wallets and card holders by NAKOA are designed and created by Polynesian tattoo artists to showcase the traditional patterns. Plus, a donation from sales goes to Surfrider Foundation, to protect our oceans and beaches.

A Group Feast

Patagonia Provisions aims to fix unsustainable foods with ingredients that are responsibly sourced, and give back to their producers in every manner possible. The salmon, for example, is harvested from a community-based, in- river fishery off the Pacific coast.

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