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2014 Gifts for Men

by Organic Spa Magazine

Stylish, practical and sustainable, these fantastic gifts for men will please even the most discerning guys.

ND14_GG_the man_01

Gifts for Men: Insatiable Wanderlust Your new traveling best friend, made of recycled PET bottles. Carry On Roller 36L, $125; dakine.com

ND14_GG_the man_02

Gifts for Men: Winding Down This 100-proof organic tequila is for the guy who prefers a little more hair in his sipping beverage. Dulce Vida Blanco, $35.99; dulcevidaspirits.com

ND14_GG_the man_03

Gifts for Men: Wear Your Blues Pair these jeans with a crisp shirt, a bow tie and a blazer, and you’ll feel like the life of the party. Organic Cotton Jeans, $89; patagonia.com

ND14_GG_the man_07

Gifts for Men: The Go-Anywhere Shoe The El Viajero (Spanish for “The Traveler”) adapts to your foot’s shape, making extended city treks a thing of the past. El Naturalista El Viajero Shoes, $125; elnaturalista.com

ND14_GG_the man_04

Gifts for Men: Le Geek, C’est Chic When a wool coat is unnecessary, layer this cardigan on top of a crisp white shirt and a chunky scarf. Ibex 4th Street Bouclé Cardigan, $175; ibex.com

ND14_GG_the man_05

Gifts for Men: Warm But Not Bulky Nothing like the jolt of color this ultra-light, eight-hundred-fill down brings to brighten up the gloom of winter. Nau Down Sweater, $245; nau.com

ND14_GG_the man_06

Gifts for Men: Stay Active Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. Icebreaker Blast Vest, $249.99; icebreaker.com



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