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2014 The Foodie Gift Guide

by Organic Spa Magazine

Tasty—and tasteful—the foodie gift guide is for anyone who loves to cook, or simply has an
appetite for good food.

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The Foodie Gift Guide: Asian Bamboo Steamer From the new IMUSA Global Kitchen line, this steamer comes with one large and three mini steamers that nestle inside. Steam veggies or frozen dumplings on banana or lettuce leaves to make it easier to clean and prettier to look at when you serve! $29.99; target.com

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Tidy Up San Francisco textile designer Christina Weber, founder of Studiopatró, designed the Café apron made of 100 percent bark linen. $68; studiopatro.com

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Organic Fresh Fruit The Simply Organic Fruit Basket features USDA-certified, seasonal organic bounty, in a pretty, hand-woven organic hamper, that’s delivered right to the door. $64.95; thefruitcompany.com

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Amoretti Organolicious Agave Available in a set of three USDA-certified organic flavors, these new Blue Agave Nectars, with their low glycemic index, will sweeten anything. $10.99, amoretti.com

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Holiday Stackables Zhena Gypsy Tea—one of the first companies to support Fair Trade—just launched limited edition, USDA-certified organic, unsweetened teas in yummy, spicy flavors, like Gingerbread Chai, English Toffee, Peppermint Mocha and Sugar Cookie. $8.99; zhenas.com

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Food Arts San Francisco artist Leslie Roth is inspired by organic farmers’ markets from France to the Ferry Building, down the street from her studio, to paint these luscious fine watercolors. This one is called “Organic Aubergines.” $100 and up; leslierothart.com

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Spice Lab Gourmet Sea Salt Collection These exotic sea salts from around the globe—Hawaii, France, Cyprus, Australia, and more—are displayed in a reclaimed beetlewood or sustainable bamboo base. $24.95 to $69.95, depending on size; thespicelab.com

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Latin Gourmet Bamboo Mortar & Pestle Made from renewable bamboo, this pretty little IMUSA kitchen tool can grind spices, herbs and salt rubs; mix guacamole; and manually pulverize just about anything that can fit in the bottom of the bowl! $17.99; target.com

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La Tourangelle Trio of Oils This handsome trio of handcrafted artisanal oils—choose from roasted walnut, pistachio, olive, hazelnut, and more—is a great gift for an adventurous cook. $17.97; latourangelle.com

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Tea Time Studiopatró’s tea towels are made of 100 percent linen and printed with ecologically sound water-based inks. $24; studiopatro.com

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Blendtec Blender The mother of all blenders, this one does it all, effortlessly—juicer, coffee grinder, blender, all in one—and will last a lifetime. The blunt blade is 10 times stronger than others we’ve seen. $649;  blendtec.com



Expert Gift Ideas for the Foodie

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We asked Michelle Bernstein, winner of Iron Chef America, judge on Top Chef and co-owner of Michy’s and Crumb on Parchment in Miami, to share her gift ideas with OSM readers.

1. People LOVE great olive oils and vinegars, but are sometimes hesitant to spend a lot of money on them, so this is your way to give a food lover what they really want. Get a first press olive oil, from a great gourmet store; look online at some award winners. I love sherry or PX vinegar, which makes such a difference over veggies, salads, grilled fish or meat.

2. Buy some fun things that most people wouldn’t bother to or have the time to look for; for example, specific items like IMUSA’s Corn Skewers for corn on the cob, funky but effective oven mitts, cooking tweezers or even an amazing apron from Hedley and Bennett.

3. I’m a spoon fanatic, as are most great cooks and chefs; spoons to cook with, of course. Gray Kunz makes my favorite, but I love going thrifting and antiquing to find some great spoons that I will keep forever.

4. A cook never has enough cookbooks, trust me. Look through some foodie sites to find the most important cookbook to some of the great chefs in the world; you will find some keepers and they will love it.

5. Go to Laboiteny.com and buy whatever spice blends look good to you; as they are all the best spice blends I have ever tried in my career. They wrap them beautifully and even help you decide a good combination.



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