Gift Guide 2011 Holiday – Kids

By Organic Spa Magazine / November 7, 2011

Floppy Froggie
Even the cutest, cuddliest stuffed animal loses its appeal when you find out the chemicals it contains and the grime it holds. The Floppy Froggie
stuffed animal won’t hide its dirty secrets from you, simply because it doesn’t have any. Certified asthma and allergy friendly, it contains no harmful chemicals known to trigger allergy symptoms, is machine washable and silky soft. $20.99,

Organic Sculpting Dough
Parents, this just might be your saving grace when it comes to playtime. Max’s Mud Organic Sculpting Dough sparks creativity and doesn’t leave a sticky mess. It’s made from certified organic rice flour and is non-toxic, free of gluten, wheat, soy, corn and fragrance. $3.95,

Green Toys Tugboat
The best part of the day is bound to be bath time when your sailor-in-training gets hold of this playful tugboat. Not only does this colorful toy have a wide spout to scoop and pour water, it’s made from 100 percent recycled plastic milk containers. $14.99,


What better way to help kids learn about the environment than doing so through a game? Players become caretakers of the planet, collect carbon credits to trade for clean air and try to advance to Go Green. This game talks the talk and walks the walk – all game paper is recyclable, the ink is vegetable oil-based and game pieces are made from natural materials. $24.95,

Paintable Cottage
This isn’t just your average playhouse. With watercolors (included), markers or crayons, the cottage will soon transform into your child’s safe haven and art masterpiece. Made from 45 percent post-consumer recycled material, this durable cottage is great for group play or a long-term project for your pint-size Picasso. $22,

Fate of the World Computer Game

There’s never an age too young to start saving the Earth, so entrust your teenager with this topnotch mission. This PC-based computer game will throw in challenges from natural disasters to climate change, dwindling food resources and financial crisis. A thought-provoking game, it will help players learn to strategize while making important, eco-friendly decisions. $9.99,