Gift Guide 2011 Holiday – Food & Wine

Pecan Pie
If you’re in the mood to share a slice of pure retro dessert, Local Harvest offers tradition and authenticity in its Texas Pecan Pie. The pecans used in the pies have, for many generations, been grown in an orchard in the Texas hill country, and the pies are made in the time-honored way. Queen Victoria of England fancied the pecan pies made here, and you’ll taste precisely why. Texas Pecan Pie, $19, and Chocolate Pecan Pie, $20,


Stone Ground Chocolate Mexicano Cinnamon
If you’ve visited Mexico, you’ll surely remember the morning aroma of coffee infused with chocolate and cinnamon. Taza Chocolate turns that into a portable experience with its gift-worthy wrapped discs of stone ground and organic chocolate. The choco- late is far less processed, so you get a stone ground texture and more intense flavor. Try the chipotle chocolate variety for more of a kick. $4.50,




Herbal Coffees
Coffee connoisseurs who shy away from caffeine won’t miss a thing with Teeccino Herbal Coffees. The organic chocolate raspberry makes a scrump- tious gift. Wrapped, they’re just the right thing to put in a gift basket to enjoy at holiday brunches. $10,

Tinned Organic Coffee
Coffee by Café Compania hits the spot for pure coffee lovers. They come in a variety of grinds, for $9,


Frey Vineyards, Organic Dessertage Wine, 2002
Mendocino County, California
This classic port wine has been long-awaited, and for good reason. Frey Dessertage is wonderfully rich and sweet, because during the harvest of 2002, the vintners at Frey fortified fermented organic Zinfandel grape juice with organic brandy, then aged it in oak barrels. The result is a luscious and substantive gift for a host or hostess, one that creates a lovely way to top off a meal or special celebration. $49,






Nuts About It
Everyone will relish a few handfuls of almonds, pecans and cashews, especially if the bowl is filled with a gourmet recipe from Bobbysue’s Nuts. The nuts are made using organic ingredients, and sales support the building of a local animal shelter. Of the three varieties — Original, It’s Raining Chocolate and Some Like it Hot — the latter is a fave for a fiery fix. Available in 2- to 32-ounce jars. $3.75-$36,



Paso a Paso

La Mancha, Spain
This red wine is hand-harvested, then aged for six months in French oak. Organically grown tempranillo grapes from various harvests are blended to produce a varietal of just-right complexity. The aromas of red berries and cherries linger on the palate with warm spicy notes, which make this an apt choice for a holiday wine. At Whole Foods stores, wine markets and online wine purveyors. $11





On the Rocks Chiller Set
Here’s an unusual gift that will be appreciated by those who love to entertain. The On the Rocks Drink Chiller Set is a hip bar accessory that’s as functional as it is original. A set of granite drink chillers will keep drinks cold without watering them down, as ice does. Stones that are placed in the drink glasses will chill whiskies and other fine liquors to their ideal temperature. A set of six handcrafted chillers is presented in a hardwood tray for freezing and serving. Because each stone is unique, there’s the plus of knowing which drink is yours too. $30,

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