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Handcrafted Designs from Sustainable Artisans

By Feifei Sun / June 4, 2015

Sustainable designers whose beautiful, thoughtful pieces are all created entirely by hand From fast-fashion retailers such as H&M and Zara to ready-to-assemble shops like IKEA, it’s easier than ever to find affordable design pieces that are not only mass-produced, but fast-produced. Still, across the country, some brands are advocating for a slower, more thoughtful approach […]


Spread Some Sustainable Love

By Elke Erschfeld / January 29, 2015

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and even though it’s a commercial holiday, it’s a nice way to express your love to family and friends A few years ago, I received a beautiful heart pendant from Novica. The online marketplace connects thousands of artisans from all over the world with socially conscious consumers through handcrafted […]


White HOT!

By Rona Berg / July 2, 2014

When the heat waves are shimmering, nothing feels as light as white Once upon a time, there was a hard and fast rule in fashion—back in the day when fashion had rules!—about not wearing white after Labor Day. Now white looks (and feels) right all year round, but never more so than in the dead […]