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Palo Santo Essential Oil

By Amy Galper / November 20, 2014

If you are looking for an essential oil to help you connect with your spiritual side, Palo Santo oil (Bursera graveolens)  makes it easy. Many years ago we were gifted a grocery bag full of coarsely chopped chunks of Palo Santo wood, brought to us by a friend who had recently returned from Peru, where […]


Optimal Well-Being with Ayurveda

By Mary Beth Janssen / February 20, 2014

The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda is more applicable than ever to modern life. Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old Indian “science of longevity,” is recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective medical science, and has undergone extensive research at the National Institutes of Health. Many studies now suggest that Ayurvedic therapies may reduce cardiovascular disease […]