Editor’s Picks: Healthy Snacks

By Organic Spa Magazine / January 15, 2014

If you are a snacker, make it your New Year’s resolution to indulge in healthy, satisfying snacks like these.


A family business founded in 1982, RW Garcia was the first tortilla chip manufacturer to be non-GMO verified. The idea for Tortatos—a delicious new hybrid made from white corn and red potatoes—came from the founders’ 10-year-old grandson. “Why don’t we make a chip that’s corn and potato?” he said.  So they did. And boy, are we glad they listened! rwgarcia.com




The surfer dudes who founded Sambazon and helped make acai, the Brazilian superberry, famous in this country, are launching three new USDA organic, non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, gluten-free drinks this month to help you detox and recharge: Protein Recharge, a nutty energy booster; Daily Cleanse, with acerola cherry, lemon and cayenne; and Purifying Green, features kale, cucumber and parsley. Watch out, they are totally addictive! sambazon.com


In Europe, it is easy to find delicious dried fruit snacks, with no added sugar. Here, not so much. Which is why Susan Leone—and her Turkish husband—decided to launch Fruit Bliss, plump little pouches filled with delicious organic apricots, plums, dates and figs (our favorite!), sun-sweetened and lightly rehydrated with water, which makes these juicy snacks perfect for lunchbox or travel. fruitbliss.com

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