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Winter Hand Regimen

by Organic Spa Magazine

Each human hand has 27 bones, with 19 muscles to control movement. Rich in touch receptors, the fingertips transmit exquisite sensations of pleasure and pain to the brain. It is a masterful feat of engineering, which Aristotle called the “divine tool.”

But in the winter months, hands can be more like reptile claws than anything that could remotely be considered divine! And they’re unprotected by clothing most of the time, so exposed to the sun, dishwater and more. 

The hands can certainly use a little extra love this time of year. Just like you have a skincare regimen for the face, the same basic principles apply to the hands, along with an occasional manicure!  

  • Cleanse and exfoliate: Wash with a gentle cleanse and exfoliate once or twice a week, with an oatmeal- or clay-based soap. For extremely dry hands, use a super-fatted soap. 
  • Moisturize: Apply moisturizer twice a day, especially after washing your hands. Hands that are dry, chapped and cracked become more susceptible to infection. The skin is a protective covering, and when it‘s broken, bacteria can get in. Try: Osmia Naked Hand Cream; Ranavat Sacred Rose Hand Cream.  
  • Use sunscreen: Just like you don’t want to forget about your neck, hands need sunscreen, too, to protect from wrinkling and spotting. 

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