Barre Workout: Whole Body Health

by Jessica Cassity

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It can be hard to tell one barre workout apart from the next. The classes, which include a mix of ballet, yoga and Pilates moves, strengthen and lengthen the body by alternating small pulsing movements—drop to a squat then move your hips up and down just one inch—with large full-range movements (squat all the way down then stand back up again). But barre3, a Portland, OR-based company with 70-plus studios nationwide, stands out from the rest.

Barre3 instructors teach classes that are alignment based, which means no achy joints afterward. Plus they encourage students to “make each workout your own,” which is a nice way of saying “listen to your body and take breaks when you need to.” (No drill sergeant language here!)

Thanks to a robust online collection of healthy, whole food recipes and streaming at-home workouts, barre3 has become a lifestyle as much as it is a workout. “At the heart of barre3 is our commitment to helping you balance your body and life,” says Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3. “This starts in our studios with our classes that blend the grace of ballet barre work with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates, but it also extends into the rest of your day.”

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