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Where to Stay – Hotels in Blue Zone Territory

by Becca Hensley

Hotels in Blue Zone Territory

Nicoya Peninsula

“Guests at Florblanca are treated to an authentic Blue Zone experience inspired by the natural environment. The quality of the air, the freshness of the food, the sense of community in and outside of the hotel all combined exemplify the Pura Vida lifestyle,” says General Manager Cody Dillon about the boutique hotel she runs on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. With a spa suspended over a water-filled pond and villas that lie between jungle and white sand beach, the hotel offers a Wellness Package, which includes a fifth night free with the purchase of four, plus complimentary Blue Zone-inspired breakfast and yoga.


Just-opened Hoshinoya Okinawa, located in Yomitan Village, overlooks a reef pool, showcasing shallow, tranquil seas, surrounded by coral reefs. Set amid walls inspired by “gusuku”—historical castle sites native to Okinawa’s Amami Islands—the hotel boasts vegetable gardens, key to providing the regional food aspect of the Blue Zone experience. All rooms have meditative sea views, key for helping guests let go of stress.


While much of Sardinia has a rustic, back-a-few-decades feel, Porto Cervo, a modern complex, developed by the Aga Khan to evoke an ancient fishing village, exudes jetsetter chic. Nevertheless, stunning Hotel Cala di Volpe, a Luxury Collection Hotel, with its gasp-making views on the Smerelda Coast, channels Sardinian culture. Executive Chef Maurizio Locatelli, a native son, devotes himself to serving dishes known to encapsulate the island’s secrets
of longevity.

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