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The Resort at Paws Up

by Nicole Dorsey



No other resort or ranch in Montana offers more wilderness adventures and outdoor activities than Paws Up. Adventure enthusiasts rejoice! 

Explore 100 miles of winter trails for hikes, snowshoes, dog sleds, skis, sleighs and snowmobiles.

If peacefully falling snow and utter solitude are your preferences this hectic holiday season, we’ve found the ultimate pet-friendly spot. In the middle of Montana’s wilderness, running 10 miles along the Blackfoot River, Paws Up is a working cattle ranch which offers 100 miles of designated trails for hikes, snowshoe, snowboards, dog sleds, snowmobiles and year-round horseback riding. 

There are over a dozen unique, exciting activities that'll get your adrenalin pumping harder in this forested wonderland. Try snow-tubing, sleigh riding and ice-skating, for starters. Known for its expanse in the Blackfoot Valley, there’s also a full-on equestrian center with many riding options, plus a long ski season.

Pet-friendly accommodations consist of 28 rustic homes (available to book or buy), all furnished in Western “chic” with Montana-inspired artwork. In addition to lodge homes, you’ll find 36 safari-style tents with hardwood floors, heat and air, and decadent full bathrooms with heated floors. And don’t expect canned black beans on Paws Up menus, either. Five eateries range from a gourmet chuck wagon to fine dining, and feature game and produce like elk tenderloin, Rocky Mountain trout, huckleberry pancakes, as well as superior wine lists.

Settle into Winter at Montana Spa

After a day of vigorous cross-country skiing and sledding, head to Montana Spa to rehydrate and revitalize using woodland-inspired ingredients. In addition to pet massage and an organic teen facial, the spa features signature winter treatments:

Altitude Adjustment
Your talented therapist works the kinks out with a deep head and neck massage.

Whippersnapper Apothecary Class
Children learn how to make their own body scrubs, lip balm and moisturizing lotions.

Mother Bear
Book a gentle prenatal massage, named after hibernating bear families in the valley.

Travelers can access this family friendly resort with flights from Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Seattle.

Photos courtesy of The Resort at Paws Up

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