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Paradise Point Resort & Spa, California

by Emily Barth Isler



Tucked away on gentle Mission Bay in the heart of San Diego, Paradise Point Resort & Spa features comfortable bungalow-style guestrooms amidst lush, tropical gardens, tranquil lagoons, and one mile of sandy beach.

It takes a lot of juggling and planning to the perfect spot for a multigenerational family vacation. Paradise Point Resort & Spa is a family-friendly resort that has enough amenities to entertain people of all ages. Multiple pools, a beach and myriad activities for kids and adults alike allow for all kinds of combinations and configurations of together/apart time, and for the flexibility that fosters family harmony and alone time for the spa-going folks in your party.

Traveling with extended family or family friends makes the family/spa vacation combo so much easier. Thoughtful accommodations can make this even more fun; sharing a cottage or booking adjoining rooms for as much (or little) family connection as you want at any given time. It’s easier to enjoy an epic massage and body scrub at the spa if you know your kids are having fun with their grandparents, and that the burden doesn’t fall completely on your partner or co-parent.

Paradise Point is also home to a world-class spa that takes advantage of its lush, tropical surroundings, utilizing both the outdoors and indoors to create the feeling of being a world away, even when you’re walking distance from your cottage.

Special events will wow the kids, especially activities they don’t normally find at home. The resort offers a service where they can bring a firepit and all the marshmallow-roasting supplies you could ever want right to the beach outside your cottage! It is the kind of memorable, idyllic experience the family will be talking about for years.

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