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February 2022

by Organic Spa Magazine

Detox Spas

In the cold, dark months, when we find ourselves in hibernation mode, it’s time to start getting ready to emerge from those cocoons and set our sights on spring. A spa detox or cleanse can help reboot the system. These days, the concept of detox is broad and no longer limited to juice fasts, coconut water cleanses and green smoothies. A detox can spotlight rigorous fitness programs, plant-based cuisine, taking the waters, Ayurvedic retreats and more. 

The Ranch Malibu,  California

In sunny California, The Ranch is known for its rigorous hiking, restorative yoga, daily massage and a 1,400 calorie-a-day organic, plant-based diet. The program is designed to allow guests to “connect with nature’s healing elements along with experiencing more unique modalities including a mid-week 60-minute sound bath.” Cholesterol testing and body fat analysis are offered along with acupuncture and cryotherapy saunas, and there is a focus on quieting the mind and disconnecting from devices to detox and calm the spirit. 

The Ranch also now features an integrative health plan at home, with virtual nutrition and lifestyle coaching overseen by a functional health practitioner. Make sure and try their new Complete Greens, a 140-calorie USDA organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and dairy-free supplement with 32 organic superfoods and 17 grams of sprouted protein–green cabbage, kale, pumpkin, spinach, carrot, sprouted brown rice protein, and amaranth, among others.

The Beach House, India

It’s impossible to talk about detox without including India, and The Beach House, located in Goa, offers an extensive menu of Wellness Detox Retreats, Lifestyle Detox Retreats and Relaxation Detox Retreats. If you are all in, the Total Body Rebalance Retreat is created for those who are emotionally and physically stressed, need a break and are ready to invest some time in deep self-care. 

Addressing a range of issues that include weight, high cholesterol, diabetes, menstruation problems, cardio-vascular issues, stress-related disorders and more, The Rebalance Retreat is a Juice and Broth Fasting cleanse under the supervision of Ayurvedic doctors and includes a full body analysis complete with pH balance, body composition, vitals and a Chakra assessment. 

Included in many of the packages: yoga, meditation, holistic treatments, Ayurvedic and supplement recommendations, colon cleanses, a personal diet/nutritional coach, and one session of Neuro-Linguistic Programming—used to address everything from anxiety to addiction and stress. Accommodations feature rain showers, spacious bathrooms and views of the gardens just steps out the door. 


Saint Lucia, Caribbean 

Let her pamper you, and she’ll rejuvenate your senses.

With her relaxing white sands, crystal-clear waters and invigorating volcanic mud baths, let Saint Lucia restore your mind, body and soul.

Let her immerse you in the healing wonders of the rain forest and the island’s idyllic gardens and serene parks, home to over 1,300 different species of wild flowering plants and 150 species of ferns. Let her recharge and revive you with award-winning wellness and yoga retreats, surrounded by the rejuvenating energy of the Pitons. From open-air treatment rooms set into the cliff-side, to spectacular views of the silver sands of Anse Cochon, let her open your eyes and mind to a spa experience on a whole new level. 

Let her pamper you with a truly unique offering at the world’s only drive-in volcano as you soak up the therapeutic powers of the hot mineral-rich springs. Let her make you feel ten years younger with the purifying mud of the Sulphur Springs bathing pools and the restored baths in the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. In fact, the mud found in the Sulphur Springs is said to detoxify the body, helping to heal sunburn, eczema, sore joints and more. Could there be a more natural spa treatment than that? 

Let her indulge your senses with some of the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. Make yourself at home in The Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, which lives up to its name with spa sessions taking place in gazebos perched on stilts above a gushing stream and forest floor. And Guests at The Auriga Spa at Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina can enjoy the outdoor ambiance of a steam inhalation room, jacuzzi, and sauna cabana. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come and discover Saint Lucia and let her awaken your mind to the ultimate natural health and wellness experience on earth.

Sanara, Mexico

Combining the laid-back vibe of Tulum with easy access from Cancun International Airport makes Sanara feel like an easy getaway. A calendar of holistic health-related classes, workshops, and events at the Ayurvedic-inspired Sanara Wellness Center; clean, nourishing food at the Real Coconut Kitchen; and the immersive Nourish & Heal programs, feed self-reflection and self-care. 

Created by Sanará and Real Coconut founder Daniella Hunter, Nourish & Heal begins with a focus on four areas: nutrition, self-care, movement and reflection.

The Wellness menu includes a range of Ayurvedic treatments and packages designed to detox, build the immune system, balance the digestive system, focus on the breath, heal with crystals, release chakra blockages and more. A team of on-site expert practitioners and therapists are your guides, and everything about Sanara is designed to recalibrate and bring balance and calm: rooms that feature serenely neutral color palettes, white sandy beaches, deep soaking tubs and windows that frame Sanara’s jungle-like beauty.

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