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Asheville, North Carolina

by Explore Asheville


North Carolina

Discover why Asheville, a mountain oasis with more than 200 years of health and healing traditions, is your next destination for complete rejuvenation.


The splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains is your gateway to getting away from it all. From luxurious spas to mountaintop yoga, in Asheville you can refresh, restore and renew. 

The fresh mountain air and gentle breezes put Asheville on the map for wellness in the 1800s. Doctors sent patients there to rest and recover from a variety of ailments. Today, those traditions continue as the city offers both restful time-tested remedies and modern healing methods.

 Many spas in the area provide wellness experiences with an Asheville twist. You can go weightless, floating in a saltwater sensory deprivation chamber. Or you can dive deep with cave therapy, unwinding in tranquil underground spas made of only natural materials. Natural hot springs, sound healing and hot tubs with stunning views offer even more ways to feel renewed.

In Asheville, you can focus on taking care of yourself from every angle. Our innovative food scene serves up farm-fresh flavors that nourish body and soul. Shops throughout the Asheville area make sustainability a priority so you can feel good about every choice you make.

Any amount of time you spend in the Blue Ridge Mountains will work wonders for your wellness. The longer you spend here, the more your body and soul will reap the rewards.

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