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Where The Wild Flowers Are

by Organic Spa Magazine

Tucked into a remote Colorado canyon along the gurgling Gunnison River, Taylor River Lodge lies outside the tiny mountain town of Almont, not far from Crested Butte.

Averaging 300 days of sunshine and cobalt-blue skies throughout the year, there is never a bad season at Taylor. When snow blankets the mountains, guests can snowshoe in the Fossil Ridge Wilderness, a protected region perfect for hiking and fishing in the summer months. Or cross-country ski at Spring Creek, striped with mountain biking and hiking trails, and stippled with a dense carpet of wildflowers after the weather warms. There is seemingly no end to outdoor excitement, a signature of Eleven Experience, owner of Taylor River Lodge along with a stunning portfolio of properties focused on elevated adventure and relaxation.

The tiny, two-room spa offers a curated treatment menu. Bar Massage, a blend of Swedish, Thai and Ashiatsu (a barefoot massage

technique where the therapist hangs from parallel bars on the ceiling using her feet instead of hands), is a uniquely healing experience. It’s easy to while away hours in the rustic-chic Bath House, with floor to ceiling glass windows that wrap around a hot tub, pool, steam and sauna. (In winter, a “thermal therapist” will create an aromatherapy sauna with essential oils, then coax you outside for a “snow bathing” experience, then back into the heat.)

Taylor offers whitewater rafting, rock climbing, trout fishing, archery, hatchet-throwing—or an opportunity to simply curl up on a barstool with a handcrafted cocktail, stare at the blazing fire, or gaze at constellations in the celestial sky. A range of accommodations—from spacious cabins to single-family homes—provide a perfect blend of comfort and privacy for any configuration of family or friends.

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