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Dilo Oil

Native to Fiji, dilo is a cold- pressed virgin oil extracted from the fruit of the dilo tree. It works like magic to soothe inflammation, smooth fine lines and promote cell regeneration. TRY: Pure Fiji Anti-Aging Booster Dilo Oil, purefiji.com

1275 LavenderAgeCorrectiveEyeCream HR

Plant Stem Cells

Compatible with human skin cells, plant stem cells are extracted from grapes, echinacea, edelweiss, and apples. They repair and replace lost and damaged cells, increase collagen production, stimulate human stem cell growth, soften wrinkles and restore elasticity to aging skin—in this case, while you sleep. TRY: Eminence Organics’ new Lavender Age Corrective Night line. eminenceorganics.com


Marine Peptides

The bio-active peptides in this amazingly effective face serum feed the skin with vitamins and minerals that nourish, ceramides that moisturize and enhance barrier function, and peptides that stimulate collagen synthesis to firm and tone skin. TRY: Marie Veronique Organics Pacific Face Serum, mvorganics.com