What You Can’t See, Can Hurt You

By Organic Spa Magazine / September 24, 2013


As futurist John Naisbitt predicted a generation ago in his book Megatrends, the information age has fully arrived. Laptops, smartphones and social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest consume our daily lives. These modern conveniences have made life easier in some regards, but also more complex and isolating.

We no longer have to ask for directions—we have a GPS.  We no longer have as much face-to-face interaction to catch up with family and friends—we have texting and Facebook.

At the touch of a button, nearly every second of every day, we have instant access to entertainment, the latest trends, world history and unlimited knowledge. We are constantly wired and constantly tied to technology.

As we move forward toward the next latest and greatest innovations, have we really stopped to think about how the invisible wires that connect us affect our health? What if the cell phone towers that occupy our neighborhoods and work places were wreaking havoc on our well-being? What if the cell phones in our pockets next to our heart and other vital organs are causing silent damage?

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells—all of which function with electrical charges. When we force our cells to endure constant exposure to the electromagnetic fields (EMF) of modern technology, it interrupts our natural electrical charges.  The electromagnetic fields emitted from products such as computers, refrigerators, TVs and even fluorescent light bulbs essentially charge up the electrons in every cell of our bodies, creating potential for disorder and disease.

Studies have found that chronic exposure to EMFs can cause heart disease, cancers, damage to our immune systems and contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia as well as nervous conditions and mental imparity. The World Health Organization reported findings that radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer. According to a new study from Tel Aviv University, heavy cell phone users show increased risk factors for cancer.

One big concern with EMFs is that they have been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier and damage neurons. In fact, some estimates show that one out of every few thousand people is so sensitive to EMF charges, that they cannot be in close proximity to modern technology without displaying the physical and emotional symptoms of overexposure to radiation.

Unfortunately, from a public policy standpoint, only Russia and Sweden are taking steps to protect their citizens from the neurological and brain disorders caused by EMFs, so it is up to all of us to take responsibility for our own health. There are many things that you can do at home to help protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation.  Studies show that wearing electromagnetic field-interrupting devices; placing small interrupters on your computers, cell phones and electronic gadgets; and shutting off your wireless devices when you are not using them will all lessen the impact that these harmful EMF rays have on your overall health. At Hippocrates Health Institute, we use SCALER Technology and GIA Wellness products to neutralize our guest’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Many of the dangers of electromagnetic fields on our health are still untold. It is a rapidly evolving field of study, and it is up to all of us to take the precautionary steps to protect ourselves from the possible harmful effects of modern technology.

Dr. Brian Clement is co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Hippocrates has been a preeminent leader in the field of complementary health care and education for over 60 years. The Hippocrates philosophy is founded on the belief that a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet—complemented by exercise, positive thinking and non-invasive therapies—is integral to optimum health. hippocrateshealthinstitute.org