What a Life Coach Can Do for You

by Rona Berg

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When choosing a life coach, first and foremost, make sure he or she is committed to producing results and is “outcome based.” Life coaching is intended to be laser-focused and it is about achieving specific goals, rather than continuing to rehash the past.

Referrals are the best way to find a life coach. If your friends or relatives have had positive experiences with a particular coach, chances are you will too. We asked Tamber Zawadzki, a certified life coach based in Houston, TX for her top tips on how a life coach can help.

1. Find your blind spots. Just as your car has blind spots, you may have beliefs, reactive patterns, habitual ways of thinking and stored emotions that you may not be aware of. A life coach will show you your blind spots.

2. Shift limiting beliefs. People will get in life what they believe to be true. If you believe that life is hard and you have to struggle, you are right. And if you believe that life is fun and easy, again, you are right. Whatever you believe to be true, will be true for you. A life coach will help you shift limiting beliefs into beliefs that will support you in your success and produce your desired results.

3. Heal and release “stuck” emotions. Our emotions are our internal guidance system. A healthy person is a person that is able to feel their feelings and utilize them to navigate their way to their success. A life coach can help you uncover old, stored emotions and guide you to feel, heal and release “stuck” emotions and transform them into your success.

4. Transform negative thoughts. The things we are saying to ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously, is affecting how we operate in our lives, how we feel about ourselves and whether we can create joy and ease or whether we create frustration and struggle. A life coach will empower you to turn your greatest weaknesses into your greatest strengths.

5. Create your life. When you take responsibility and realize that you are creating, promoting or allowing everything that takes place in your life, then you are no longer a victim. A life coach teaches you how to consciously create your life. Once you can become aware that what you are thinking, feeling and saying is profoundly affecting your life, you can use what you’re thinking, feeling and saying to powerfully create your new life of success and happiness.

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