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by Calista Jordan

ABOVE: Elena Brower

Tips for for starting the new year off right

Elena Brower

Inspired by her best-selling book, Practice You: A Journal, renowned yoga teacher, author and influencer Elena Brower has just launched Practice You Daily Awakening Deck (Sounds True), with 54 new meditations, movement practices, writing prompts and prayers that can be easily accessed to help you connect with your best self, and live your best life.

These beautiful cards are also perfect for sharing with friends and family, and are portable and perfect for travel. A great way to help find inner wisdom, strength and creativity, and a powerful tool to help find balance and nurture self-love!

Nikki Sharp

Wellness expert, best-selling author and contributor to the new book, Models Do Eat: More Than 100 Recipes for Eating Your Way to a Beautiful, Healthy You by Jill de Jong, featuring contributions from 10 models who share their secrets to looking—and feeling—great. Here, Sharp helps us usher in the New Year with her top wellness tips.

1. See the biggest results by changing your language; i.e. changing your “I AM” statement. First, identify what you say most often to yourself, such as “I am fat” or “I am not happy with my body” and then change it to a positive like I am beautiful, I am working toward health every day. Write your new I AM statement on a sticky note and place on computer or as a screensaver. Repeat it to yourself as often as possible each day.

2. Turn your phone on airplane mode at 9 p.m. each night. You will start to get better sleep, which means more energy the next day, leading to higher levels of positivity and belief in yourself to achieve your goals.

3. Commit to 10 minutes of meditation for seven days. If you feel good after that week, commit to another seven days. Take it in bite-size chunks rather than having a goal of “I want to start meditating.” I personally love the Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey 21-day meditation to keep myself accountable, and other apps like Calm, Headspace and Insight are all great to start off as well.

Photo by: Pam McLean

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