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A Shot of Wellness

by Tess Donelon

Eating healthfully and prioritizing wellness can be tricky--and a little overwhelming. But being mindful of what you’re putting into your body has never been easier, thanks to prepackaged products designed for nutrition on the go.

Introducing wellness shots: an easy way to get that much-needed boost of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all in the convenience of one tiny bottle. Here are a few of our favorites.


With 100 percent plant-based ingredients and a focus on total body health, Suja offers wellness shots that target immunity, digestion and energy. Whether you need some motivation in the morning or are feeling a little run down from the night before, these shots are sure to get you back on track.

Immunity Shot

Digestion Shot

Energy Shot

Vive Organic

Vive Organic’s Functional Shots seek to deliver the highest possible nutritional value in just one tiny bottle. Embodying the power of nature and plants themselves, these shots show that a little boost goes a long way. They offer immunity boosts (in two flavors), wellness rescue shots and an antioxidant detox – all created with the help of organic farms and natural ingredients.

Immunity Boost

Wellness Rescue

Antioxidant Detox


If you’re looking for a variety of options, Medlie is the place to go. Their wellness shots range from a metabolism shot to a glow shot – and even a sampler pack if you want to try them all. You can filter their products by your dietary needs and also handpick any shots (or additional wellness items) to put them into your own personal bundle. Made with real ingredients, these shots truly do it all!

Metabolism Shot

Glow Shot with Collagen

Immunity Shot

Digestion Shot

Amazing Grass

When wellness shots are still not convenient enough, Amazing Grass has created an even simpler way to get your daily dose of nutrition. With their effervescent tablets, you can get just as much of a boost as you do from your daily wellness shots. Keep these tablets just about anywhere, from your purse to your car, for a healthy pick-me-up. Just drop a tablet into your water and enjoy!

Effervescent Tablets

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