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Turning Heads: Healthy Haircare for All

by Organic Spa Magazine

Briogeo founder Nancy Twine focuses on healthy haircare for everyone

RB: You grew up with a haircare heritage through your grandmother. Tell us about that.

NT: My grandmother raised eight children on a small farmyard in West Virginia. She would use natural ingredients she’d harvest on the farm to create basic personal-care products for the family.

Having grown up with homemade beauty essentials, my mom passed the tradition down to my generation. We’d use natural ingredients from our local health food store to create custom beauty concoctions—everything from haircare to skincare. It was at a fairly young age that I discovered the incredible and highly effective beauty products that could be derived from natural, raw ingredients.

RB: What inspired you to start Briogeo Haircare?

NT: I was inspired by teenage memories of making my own natural haircare products to tame my unruly curls and the fact that just a few decades later, the desire for clean, effective beauty is now the norm. I set out to create a clean haircare line that addresses the hair concerns of a diverse spectrum of hair needs. I wanted to break down the silos that exist between ethnic and non-ethnic haircare and instead create an inclusive collection of products that every woman can use and benefit from.

RB: What does “Briogeo” mean, and how does that apply to your brand?

NT: “Brio” is an Italian word that means “vibrant, colorful, and full of life,” which describes our brand ethos and colorful packaging. The word “geo” is a Latin word that means “of Earth or Nature,” which speaks to what’s inside the bottle. Briogeo encompasses the brand from the inside out.

RB: Why are natural ingredients important to you, and how is that reflected in your brand? Some favorites?

NT: Clean, natural ingredients are important to me because I don’t believe beauty needs to be compromised by harsh or harmful ingredients. You are what you eat—and your body is what you put on it. While our products are not 100 percent natural, the non-natural ingredients we use are deemed non-toxic by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). We are serious about the ingredients we use and are constantly striving to find new ways to enhance our clean methodology. Some of my favorite oils are argan, rosehip and coconut oil. They’re great at taming frizz, helping to preserve color and keeping the hair hydrated.

RB: You are also a values-driven brand, and your products address multicultural consumers with all hair textures. What were some special challenges in formulating with that range?

NT: Different hair types require different levels of moisture. While someone with textured hair may require more in a product than someone with fine hair, the key is to create formulas that are problem/solution driven, which is what we set out to achieve with very focused product assortments—like Blossom & Bloom for volume and Don’t Despair, Repair!, for moisture and repair. Briogeo is not an ethnic or non-ethnic haircare product line. We consider ourselves “haircare for all.” Each of our specific product lines allows us to focus in on the specific needs of different hair texture types.

RB: Hair is political, and it is personal. What are two things about it that you feel are important to share?

NT: Everyone has their own personal hair journey and goals. Hair is an incredible form of expression. It’s important to embrace hair texture and appearance in a way in which one feels confident in his or her own unique way. Whether it’s wearing your hair in its natural state, coloring it, or blow-drying it straight—don’t let anyone dictate the choices you make with your hair’s appearance. Let your hair be an expression of who you are, while keeping health and wellness in mind.

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