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Trisara: Heaven On Earth

by Organic Spa Magazine

Trisara is a perfect meld of tranquility, luxury and sustainability

In Sanskrit, “Trisara” means “The Garden in the Third Heaven.” Trisara Phuket is surely some kind of heaven, set on a protected nature preserve, with pristine beaches, lush gardens and a tropical forest, all gently looped around the glistening Andaman Sea.

After a long flight, the warm welcome from Trisara’s gracious staff invites hunched shoulders to soften. Flop down on the settee in your gorgeous pool villa, and you’ll know right away that this will be just the serenely restorative experience you have been craving—mind, body and soul. 

At the Jara Spa, The Royal Signature Massage is an exquisitely nurturing six-handed treatment that combines Swedish massage, herbal compresses and acupressure with Thai herbs—lemongrass, keffir lime leaves and prai (Thai ginger) from Trisara’s magnificent organic farm. Thai herbs and herbal medicine are infused throughout the spa and the three restaurants, where almost 100 percent of the food is sourced locally. The 20-seat PRU (Plant. Raise. Understand.) is the only Michelin-star restaurant in Southern Thailand, which has given Trisara well-deserved high culinary standing on the island. Guests with a taste for exploring local cuisine can sign on for a new Trisara-led food tour around town, the authentic and delightful “Heritage Hosted Experience.” Or tour the huge organic farm, enjoy a beautiful outdoor lunch and bike around seven lakes in the area. 

A sustainable path.

A reverence for nature is baked into the brand. When the 39-room, Thai-owned Trisara was built 15 years ago, no trees were cut down. Instead, they were moved, and then moved back when construction was done. “From day one, I was against using pesticides or chemicals,” says long-time General Manager Anthony Lark. The commitment to sustainability here is strong: no single-use plastic, employee education, a program for kids on ocean plastic pollution and coral bleaching, and Trisara is building a recycling and education center for local kids in town. 

How Phuket is incorporating wellness and well being.

Wellness and well-being are incorporated into nutrition, fitness, mind-body balance, sleep enhancement, pain release, stillness and happiness programs. Whether you fall asleep on the beach, explore Phuket, take a Thai cooking class, snorkel by a coral reef, visit the healing spa, tour the organic farm or visit Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, an ethical elephant sanctuary nearby, you will take home a great gift: peace of mind, a relaxed body and a joyful spirit. trisara.com

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