An Eco-Travel Glossary

By Jarrod Denson / August 20, 2013

Adventure Tourism

It’s all about the rush, but that doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it, as it is often coupled with the comfort of luxury travel.

Micato Safaris The accoladed family-run luxury safari company, which also runs a nonprofit,, to help educate children in Kenya.; Austin Lehman Adventures An award-winning Montana-based company that takes adventurers around the world.


Building schools, helping environmental groups, raising awareness about HIV and AIDS, and providing life-changing experiences by allowing you to help change lives.

Earthwatch Places volunteer travellers with researchers and scientists on expeditions across the globe.; Proworld Offers volunteer opportunities in education, health, community development and many other fields.

Responsible Tourism

Llimits the environmental impacts, increases the economic benefits for locals and creates a more connected experience for tourists.

International Center for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) Dedicated to making tourism more constructive for communities and meaningful for tourists.; Traveler’s Philanthropy Sponsors projects dedicated to creating a more sustainable approach to tourism.

EcoTourism Supporting sustainable living through travel, from kayaking down rapids to hiking remote trails for a glimpse at an endangered bird to whale watching by day and relaxing in a five-star resort at night.

Greenloons Online resource for finding eco-tours and getting involved in EcoTourism as a movement.

Wellness & Fitness Tourism

Improve or maintain your physical, mental or spiritual health, from vegan cooking classes with an executive chef or jump-starting your workout by transporting you somewhere truly amazing.

Pravassa “Rejuvenate, restart, and restore” yourself with global wellness travel.; Escape to Shape Fitness travel with style! --Jarrod Denson

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