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Travel Lighter with Recycled Bags

by Elke Erschfeld

recycled bags

The days are finally getting longer, and it’s time to start planning some weekend trips. Ecoalf’s travel accessories make packing for the beach, mountains or city easy and green. The company offers shoes made from recycled plastic and rubber, flip-flops made from recycled tires, jackets and iPad covers made from discarded fishing nets, as well as bags made from recycled PET. What all of them have in common is a functional yet contemporary look and that they are designed with respect for the environment.

According to the EPA, the United States created 32 million tons of plastic waste in 2012. Yet only 9 percent of total plastic waste was recovered for recycling. It’s inspiring that companies like Ecoalf put discarded plastic bottles to good use by turning them into functional recycled bags. The Spain-based company was founded with the intention to preserve our natural resources and protect future generations. That’s why the founder integrated the first three letters of his son’s name, Alfredo, into the brand.

Ecoalf’s bag collection for women includes weekend bags, shoulder bags, gym bags, shopping bags and briefcases. They come in linen, navy, red and khaki colors. As stated by Ecoalf, the company uses 20 percent less consumption of water, 50 percent less consumption of energy, and 60 percent less air pollution through the use of recycled plastic. Each bag tells you exactly how many recycled plastic bottles went into making it. For example the London Organizer is a unisex briefcase made with 18 recycled plastic bottles, and the Florence Shoulder Bag is made with 35 recycled plastic bottles.

What’s cool about the shoulder bag is that it comes with a zipper that allows for the bag to be expanded to a larger capacity. This multifunctional feature comes in handy for travel. You can use the expanded bag for sightseeing during the day and easily store a bottle of water and travel book. In the evening you can use the smaller version for going out. When it comes to packing for travel and preserving the environment, less is more.

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