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Top Holiday Makeup Tips

by Sasha Chinchar

​With all of the gatherings and parties on your schedule this holiday season, it's time to plan your looks. Whether you want to impress at your company holiday party or you're throwing your own soiree, here's how to ensure your makeup is en pointe.

“The holidays are a great time to be bold and daring with your look,” says Emmy-nominated makeup artist Karim Orange. Here are some of her top tips, based on your personality and makeup preference during the regular year:

Plain Jane/Minimalist

If you are a no-makeup gal or like to keep things simple just add one of these one-minute quick beauty fixes for your holiday gatherings.

*Add a bright or bold color to your lips. Don't be afraid to add shades of purple. Ether by Vapour Organic Beauty is a great pop of color. It's a gloss, so it's still very sheer. If you want to be even more daring, try Starlet by ZuZu Luxe this is a candy apple red.

* Define your brows: adding definition to your brows makes you look more awake and festive. Try the ZuZu Luxe Creme Brow Pencil. Be gentle when filling in your brows. You want to enhance not fabricate.

Makeup Lover/ Expressionist

You love the thrill that organic glam and clean beauty bring! This holiday season don't be afraid to go big or go home!

*Try adding glitter straight glitter over your existing shadows, or add a pallet that sparkles. Check out Cosmopolitan Eyeshadow palette by Honey Bee Gardens.

*Also, try a color wash on your eyes, which uses one bold color to create a statement. And, why not add a pair of false lashes to your look? Try Infinity Waterproof Lash Adhesive which is a much cleaner version of the traditional lash adhesives.

Middle of the Road

If you go back and forth during the year with your makeup (minimal at times, bold at others), try mixing any of the tips above for your next holiday event.

*Shades of gold are best for your personality since they can be both minimal and bold at the same time. The Gold Luminizer by RMS is a great touch.

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