Tips for Staying Motivated

By Barry Shingle / September 12, 2011

1. Try a buddy system

Make plans to work out with a friend. Not only is someone depending on you to show up, it makes working out more fun. You can encourage each other and actually look forward to your workout dates.

2. Hire a personal trainer

Consider this if it is within your budget, and you’re the type who needs discipline. You may be more committed to showing up if you are paying for it. Find a trainer who will charge you if you don’t show up! A good trainer will motivate you and make sure your workout is safe and appropriate for your needs.

3. Reward yourself for working out

Some people treat themselves for working out. For example, one lady told me that for every month that she was faithful to her workout routine she bought herself a new outfit, and the outfits kept getting smaller! It does not have to be clothing but anything that would be a special treat for you—except maybe a triple banana split.

4. Try new workout options

Nothing is less motivating than monotony! Not only does mixing it up keep it fresh, it is also better for your body. For example, try doing something outdoors; there are lots of outdoor classes these days. And besides, the sunshine and the fresh air do a world of good and can really lift the spirits.

5. Exercise because it feels good

The great thing about doing regular exercise is that exercise in and of itself is motivating. You always feel better thanks to endorphins released during exercise, and knowing that you are doing something positive for your health is motivating! And finally, who is not motivated by what they see in the mirror? A fit body gives us confidence and makes us feel better about ourselves.

Barry Shingle
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