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Thrill Seekers’ Spa

by Jarrod Denson


From hair-raising bungee jumps to rapids-filled rivers, Queenstown, New Zealand, is the world’s unabashed capital for thrill-seekers. So, it’s only appropriate that the adrenaline-loving resort town offer a super-cosseting spa to help adventure junkies calm down. Enter Hilton Queenstown’s eforea: spa at Hilton location, which is part of the eforea: spa at Hilton global spa brand from Hilton Hotels & Resorts. The tri-level space, fitted out with an 82-foot indoor pool and 10 cozy treatment rooms (we love their Maori-inspired sconces and smoked oak flooring), packs plenty of pampering prowess into treatments designed by the Australian natural beauty brand Li’tya. Based upon aboriginal healing traditions, the products incorporate ingredients known for their medicinal properties, including dried wild rosella flowers, natural clays, and anise myrtle. Services begin with an herb-filled foot bath (jiga jina) followed by a smudging ceremony where native mint and ylang ylang are burned in a traditional hand-carved and painted bowl to remove bad energy from the room. The appropriately named Total Healing Body Experience is a 90-minute service that includes exfoliation with desert salts, mineral-rich mud wrap, and a mind-numbing massage. Afterward, you can kickback on the comfy chaises in the relaxation lounge – a cup of Li’tya’s detoxifying lemon myrtle, wild lime, and wild rosella tea in-hand – and gaze at Queenstown’s snow-capped peaks, dreaming of all the ways you can scale them again tomorrow. queenstownhilton.com

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