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Thermia Palace Health Spa Hotel in Slovakia

by Laura Powell


Thermia Palace Health Spa Hotel and the adjacent Irma Health Spa 

are two jewels of Art Nouveau architecture. For more than 100 years,

 they have been delighting guests with their spectacular architecture and gorgeous surroundings. The property is most deserving of a luxury designation because of the attentive service and the quality of

medical expertise and services.

Looking for an unusual place to experience your wellness journey in 2023? How about testing the waters (literally) at a Slovakian health resort?  Piešťany’s thermal springs, in particular, are noted for their healing effects, and its mud has been used for hundreds of years to treat and prevent a variety of ailments.

Ensana offers several hotel properties on the green spa island of Piešťany. The historic Art Nouveau-style Thermia Palace Health Spa Hotel dates back to 1912. Adjacent to the hotel is Irma Health Spa, where guests can receive more than 60 types of medical and therapeutic spa treatments. The prices for these treatments are low by North American standards. For example, a facial mud mask costs 20 euro, while a 50-minute massage costs 60 euro. More traditional medical treatments, from various forms of physical therapy and hydrotherapy to biochemistry testing, are also available. The facilities themselves look more clinical than you might expect, but the treatments are effective and inexpensive.

Nature on Tap

Of course, natural healing is the star of the show here, so guests should drink healthy amounts of mineral water straight from the source. Another must-try is a dip in Irma’s historic mud pool, which dates back more than 100 years. Underfoot the 104-degree heated water is a floor of mud that you can scoop up with your feet to slather around your body. Afterward, a spa attendant wraps you in a cozy cocoon to allow your body to adjust to room temperature. Also try out the spa’s newest addition, a wellness center outfitted with saunas, pools and relaxation areas.

Options for enjoying wellness outdoors around Piešťany include strolling through the large nature park, running or walking along a riverside path, or renting a bicycle for a ride around the island.

By the way, if you are curious about how the locals experience medical tourism, wander into the health facility located between the four-star Esplanade Hotel and the three-star Splendid Hotel. It looks more like a clinic than a spa (medical spas here are under the auspices of the Ministry of Health), so it may seem a bit off-putting to the vacationing wellness wanderer. Still, it’s an interesting peek into the traditional Central European philosophy of combining nature and Western medicine for a comprehensive health care and healing regimen. ensanahotels.com

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