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The Wellness Island

by Becca Hensley

The regal Hapsburgs knew a thing or two about wellness. Back in the day, their spa or “Kur” vacations revitalized them for the daunting task of running that vast empire. Well versed in all the most salubrious locations, they retreated habitually to the verdant island of LoŠinj in today’s Croatia, where a mind-boggling microclimate—with Aleppo pines, medicinal plants and the healing mist of the Adriatic’s mineral- and plankton-rich waters—continues to enrich the health of modern travelers. 

Two spas in particular, each glamorous in its own way, were refurbished and reimagined during the pandemic. The stylish Bellevue Spa Clinic embraces sophisticated, state-of-the-art, result-driven remedies, from cryotherapy to chromotherapy, as a chic haven overlooking Čikat Bay. It customizes programs—such as detox—for goal-aspiring wellness travelers.

At the adjacent Cube Spa at Boutique Hotel Alhambra, the legacy of bygone times dominates the mood. Step up to the Inhalation Bar, a contemporary interpretation of old-world cures. Here, guests can breathe in the beneficial, fine, seawater and plant aerosol mists found only on this unique isle.

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