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The Kombucha Microbiome Collection from Eminence Organic Skin Care

by Eminence Organic Skin Care

Are you tired of dealing with dry, irritated, dull or red skin? These symptoms may be a result of an unbalanced skin microbiome and a compromised skin barrier. Choosing probiotic-, prebiotic- and postbiotic-based skin care is an effective way to support the skin barrier and the health of your skin microbiome. The Kombucha Microbiome Collection is formulated with kombucha, white tea, ginger and jasmine to restore the moisture barrier and comfort the skin.

This collection:

Aids the skin’s natural repair processes

Helps the skin to appear more luminous and healthy

Supports the skin’s natural microbiome

Replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier

What Is The Skin Microbiome?

Did you know your skin is home to a thriving and friendly group of about a trillion microorganisms? We call this the skin microbiome, and it plays a vital role in your skin's health. The microbiome is the skin’s unique ecosystem of bacteria and fungi existing on and in the layers of your skin. Like a protective layer, the microbiome works to support the skin barrier and is the first physical point of contact with your immune system.

Eminence Organics International Educator Brian Goodwin explains: “The skin’s surface is home to a delicate balance of microorganisms, like bacteria and other microbes. This mix of living organisms is known as the microbiome," which defends the skin from environmental stressors and harm. But if good organisms are outnumbered by harmful bacteria, the microbiome falls out of balance. This can disrupt skin barrier function, leaving your skin vulnerable to dehydration or irritation.

Introducing The Kombucha Microbiome Collection

The Kombucha Microbiome Foaming Cleanser

Refresh and purify skin to reveal a healthy-looking glow. Crafted with targeted micellar technology, this liquid-to-foam cleanser gently removes impurities without over-stripping the skin. Kombucha, ginger, white tea and jasmine work in unison to refresh and balance the skin without compromising the moisture barrier. Suitable for all skin types.

Kombucha Microbiome Balancing Essence

Restore your skin's natural balance with this nourishing essence. A blend of pre, pro* and postbiotics works harmoniously to enhance luminosity and gently prime the skin ahead of your full skin care ritual. White tea and jasmine flower soothe dry, dull skin for a healthy-looking glow. Suitable for all skin types.

Kombucha Microbiome Luminosity Serum

Illuminate skin with a lightweight serum designed to give you a vibrant glow. Kombucha, white tea, ginger and jasmine unite with microbiome-friendly pre, pro* and postbiotics to bring out a visibly renewed look. Perfect for all skin types, this gel serum can be used daily to even tone and boost the skin’s luminosity.

Kombucha Microbiome Leave-On Masque

Bring comfort and serenity to dry, dull skin with a rich, slow-absorbing masque. A luxurious step in your routine, this formula features ginger and pre, pro* and postbiotics to visibly renew skin while supporting your moisture barrier. Ideal for all skin types, this masque provides soothing hydration.

*Does not contain live probiotic cultures

Explore the Kombucha Microbiome Collection for visibly renewed, luminous skin.

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